Monday, February 14, 2011

The Power of Music

Recommended listening: You decide! Comment with some of your favorite songs from 2011 :)

In honor of the Grammy Awards last night, I thought I would try something new and create a list blog. Throughout my blog thus far, every one of my posts has been named after a song. Without ever stating it explicitly, I've made it pretty clear that music plays a critical role in my life and shapes who I am. I get my music from Kairos CDs my friends have made me, musical soundtracks, and Pandora Radio. When I'm working on homework, spending time alone, or driving I typically enjoy chill, acoustic music. However, in times when I'm down I like louder, more intense music. And sometimes, I can't resist rocking out to some classical music. Music fits my mood, sets my mood, and accompanies me wherever I go.

Here's a list of some favorites:

Kairos music:
Ray LaMontagne
Relient K
Shawn McDonald

Musical soundtracks:
Next to Normal
Phantom of the Opera
Spring Awakening
Wicked <--fun fact, this musical was also my Bat Mitzvah theme!

Pandora playlists:
Glen Hansard
Joshua Radin
Missy Higgins
Owl City
Secondhand Serenade

Without music, life would be an error. 
Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. So true!! Cool post, Jamie. As you know, I have my "Song of the Day," and the song I pick really does set a mood for my day. Music is so powerful, and for a lot of people that is hard to see. Here's, like you said, my favorite song from 2010/2011: The Weight of Lies by The Avett Brothers. I think you'd like this song and this artist, too - they are a good definition of how music has real meaning.

  2. I love so much of your music :) especially Phantom, Next to Normal and Joshua Radin. One of my favorite bands this year was Mumford & Sons, who performed at the Grammys last night along with the Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan.

    here's the song they performed, it's called "The Cave". enjoy :)

  3. I LOVE MUSIC AND I LOVE LISTS! This is a fantastic post, Jamie. I love sharing music, btw... Here are my recommendations for you:

  4. Two thoughts
    1. Ms. Nelson mentioned in class today (using the full weight of her master's in psychology) that listening to music while working is bad for productivity. I disagree, but I'm not allowed to say that until I also have a masters in psychology, so it'll be a while.
    2. I like the Nietzsche quote because he was all about self(ish) affirmation, and admired a composer in his life (I think Wagner) and thought of him as the uber-mensch. That view of humanity I think contrasts with the messages of some of your songs, but it goes to show the diversity of meanings.

  5. P.S. More recommendations are in my newest post:

  6. I love Next to Normal! Another musical that I love that you might want to check out is "The Last Five Years".